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this side is created to enable all the viewer give their opinions about my, leave your opinions about this blog to enable me to  improve my blog for the future.thank you.

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9 Responses to your opinions

  1. Rosseni says:

    Dear Zarina,

    I am speechless. From your calender it seems like you did all these in just one day. What else can I say, congratulations and keep up the good work and more importantly i hope you will keep the blog alive eventhough you have completed almost all the 5 task for the assignment. Thank you for your commitment in doing this assignment. i truly appreciate it and hope you will succeed in life and get excellent grades in the coming exam.

  2. yana says:

    why i can’t leave any comments at the video =x

  3. hanis says:

    wah cepatnye ko nye web blog penuh?
    taruklah muzik lak.. best gak ape ?
    tapi sekarang ni pn dah ok dah…
    bagus2 =)

  4. wa alaikum salam,
    he he senang je nak buat dengan cepat,
    1)mula-mula taip dekat microsoft word dulu,
    2)bukak internet,copy dari microsoft word tadi ke wordpress.
    3)pastu klo nak taruk grafik ambil dekat my space/friendster kod xtml nye tu.(biasa dekat komen my space/frienster)

    p/s: kalau pakai tips ni comfirm siap cepat.tak payah bukak tenet lelama.testlah cuba. 🙂

  5. qiss says:

    wow.. cik na, mantap r.. cptnye ea siapkn blog.. saspek r.. hehe

  6. rashid says:

    a.kum. wah kreatifnya… blog mate. baruje tadi saya ada bincang ngan cikgu mate. sambil senyum dia kata nak wat gak lmn blog mate. Dia kata asyik baca blog politik je. tup…tup.. zarina dah pun ke depan. Saya senyum je bila teringatkan peristiwa teman saya tadi tu…

  7. Mazlan says:

    Nice to know about you.

  8. he
    thanx 4 all ur support

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